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How to Use Multiple Wireless Transmitters in Your Home

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Wireless audio equipment has become mainstream. There are literally hundreds of different types of wireless speakers on the market. However, most of these wireless devices use Bluetooth as the transmitting technology. They are also some other protocols available which typically utilize frequency channels. These transmitters have larger range then Bluetooth and often used in professional environments. However, another application is to transmit music throughout the home.

However, many homes are located next to other homes. That means that your neighbor might have a similar device. The trick is to ensure that you won’t interfere with your neighbor and your neighbor will not interfere with your wireless transmission. In addition, you might want to set up multiple zones home. Let me talk about some options that manufacturers of wireless speakers such as Amphony have explored.

The traditional method for coordinating audio devices has been to work with frequency channels. Let’s say you have two different transmitters. Each of these transmitters is set to a specific frequency …


Some Interesting Applications for Loudspeakers

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There are many ways in which loudspeakers can be used. That explains the huge diversity in the loudspeaker market. There are models available for virtually every budget as well as every imaginable application. I will take a look at a few applications which are very common as well as some applications which are not as commonly found.

Loudspeakers are the crucial link between your music system and yourself because the convert electricity into sound waves. Different models do the job either very well or not very well at all. But then again people’s requirements differ. One of the more interesting applications of loudspeakers is the addition of wireless audio transmission. There are now literally thousands of wireless speakers which mostly are using as the transmission technology on the market. Because of the large amount models, vendors are competing fiercely. You can often find loudspeakers which include Bluetooth for less than $10.

some decent wireless speakers

Wireless technology actually other than Bluetooth, they are a number of other alternative wireless technologies available. One of …


Wireless Speakers Galore

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It is hard to imagine that just a decade ago wireless speakers were not very commonly used. I think the main reason for this was the fact that wireless technology was still in its infancy. Audio products which were utilizing wireless transmission would suffer from a few drawbacks. Such drawbacks included static and fairly large amounts of audio distortion. However, more recently technology has been improved and in particular Bluetooth has become quite popular for streaming music two speakers. The number of available Bluetooth speakers has exploded within the last few years.

Purchasing some Bluetooth speakers is quite smart if you do own a smart phone no pun intended. In particular, do not require a separate transmitter because your portable device can stream the signal directly. Other speakers such as Amphony wireless speakers do require a dedicated transmitter unit. The speakers themselves utilize a proprietary wireless protocol. This means that you will have an extra device in your house and you cannot stream directly from a cell phone. However, the advantage …


How to Find Some Great Gifts for the Holidays

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If you still haven’t purchased a gift for your loved ones for Christmas, let me give you some ideas. However, keep in mind that there are only a few days left. If you plan on purchasing via mail-order then you might really want to rush it because otherwise your gift might not arrive on time for the holidays.

If you are looking for great deals on everything from clothing to electronics, then most likely your chance has already passed. Many dealers offer huge rebates on days such as black Friday. During those days, products such as TVs or wireless speakers are usually discounted quite a bit. It is no surprise that there’s a big rush on Black Friday as soon as retailers open. Be careful not to be squashed by fellow shoppers.

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It might be safer to shop from home. But in that case you have to keep in mind that shipping items can take quite a while. Especially during the holiday season, shipping can …


A Look at Some Techniques for Minimizing Wireless Interference

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Wireless devices which are sold to the consumer have to comply with specific regulations. In particular, devices such as wireless speakers or Bluetooth transmitters have to work within specific frequency bands. These bands are allocated specifically for use by non-licensed equipment. Increasing development of wireless products has led to more and more competition for this valuable frequency space. I’m going to look at some techniques that manufacturers utilize for mitigating interference from other devices.

When improving wireless coexistence, there are two important approaches. The first approach is to mitigate interference from other devices. The second approach is to mitigate interference to other devices. The government agency usually does not allow frequency coordination between multiple devices. However, devices which do not exceed 1 mW power can employ a channel setting such that the wireless signal is transmitted at a specific frequency. Devices which exceed this amount have to employ additional techniques such as direct sequence spread spectrum or frequency hopping spread spectrum. Direct frequency spreadspectrum has …